I’ve been submitting short works to various online journals since 2013. I spent more time on that endeavor in some of these years than others. At the start it was a great motivator and measure of how my work fit in or didn’t fit. At different times, longer projects have moved my focus away from that. My Submittable queue is often empty now although certainly now always.

Here are “probably” my top 3 stories that I would point someone to if they were trying to learn what my work is like:

Untied- Janus Literary

The Outlier- Smokelong

Taking Care- Third Point Press

These are all my stories by year:


I Love Them All- JMWW

Luckily There’s a Fix- Bull


Untied- Janus Literary

Long Patience- Ruby

If I Was A Shitty Standup Comedian, Joking About Dreams, Rather Than A Shitty Writer, Writing About Dreams- Bending Genres


Distortus- Flash Flood

Luminaries- Constance Malloy’s Blog

The Tony Bone Stories- Chapbook published by Ad Hoc Fiction

Off the Resting Sea- Chapbook published by above/ground press


Confessions of an Anti-Job- Originally published in Hobart, subsequently pulled from them

Willie- The Daily Drunk, reprinted here on my blog

The Love You Make- Pidgeonholes

Understanding Taco Nun- No Contact

Redemption Drive- Originally published by the Bath Short Story Prize


Have We Got a Story For You?- Reflex Fiction

The Slippery Footed Man- Pithead Chapel

We’re the Ones- Originally in Bull, reprinted here

The Outlier- Smokelong


Serve and Protect Yourself- Originally published in Hobart, subsequently pulled from them

We Both Know Combustion is Never Spontaneous- Originally published in Bending Genres

Ghosts in the Machine- Reflect Fiction

Every Breath We Take- Flash Flood


They Call Me The Virgin- Originally published by Bull

What if Nothing Hurts Us More Than Imagination- Bath Flash Fiction

Against the Dying of the Light- Ellipsis Zine

Union Forever- Flash Flood


I’m Trying to Tell You Something- Speak

Happiness is a Warm Gun- Originally published in Red Savina Review

It’s Been a Long Time Since I’ve Rock and Rolled- Jellyfish Review

It’s All So Beautiful- Cheap Pop

You Have So Many More Choices Than Fight or Flight- Bath Flash Fiction


Not Big Not Easy- Originally in Corvus Review, reprinted here

Bokeh- Wyvern Lit

Next to Cleanliness- Spelk

Disintegrator- Flash Flood

Taking Care- Third Point Press

Lamb of God- Literary Orphans


Thicker Than Water- Originally published by Red Savina Review

Ghosts- Wyvern Lit

The Great Communicator- Flash Flood

Mother Goose- Originally published by Apeiron Review

Counsel- The Daily Palette


Fighting Demons- Gravel

Clear Lake Miracle- Originally published by Red Savina Review

Hazard Lights- Flash Flood

Past Change- Originally published by 1000 Words

Rabbit- Originally published by the British Fantasy and Horror Society

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