The Tony Bone Stories

Yesterday was the release of my Novella in Flash “The Tony Bone Stories” from Ad Hoc Fiction. It was named Runner Up this spring in the Bath Novella in Flash Award.

It has been a major goal of mine to publish a Novella in Flash for several years now. Making the short list was a fond memory of mine as Kristy and I learned the news of each step while we were on our honeymoon in New Mexico in the spring of 2018. That one ended up being the manuscript accepted by Red Bird Chapbooks that never published due to them basically being non-operational for 2020 and 2021 and I opted out of my contract with them. Then in 2019, I made the shortlist again, but again no publishing. That one ended up publishing with above/ground press. Then I took 2020 off as far as entering their award, but I wrote one that summer and in 2021, it was named Runner Up and now my Ad Hoc Fiction dream has come true!

I think I might be done working in the NIF form, at least indefinitely, as I’m more drawn now to Novel or Traditional Short Story collection form. Time will tell!

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